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Volunteer Loyalty: 5 Pointers to Ensure Your Volunteers Come Back Year After Year

Lawyers to the Rescue was created by a group of humanitarian lawyers whose aim is to better the world by offering their legal services to the less fortunate. This not-for-profit organization was founded with the idea of bringing about change to those who have experienced hardships. Founded following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, this group prides itself on offering their legal services and humanitarian help to victims of natural disasters, famine, and disease.

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5 Tips for Young, New Attorneys Interested in Taking on a Pro Bono Case

As a new lawyer, you may be asking yourself: “What’s the purpose of taking on a pro bono case?”

In addition to establishing yourself within the industry, you’re also helping people who need legal representation but cannot afford to pay. Your new skills and knowledge can have a big impact on the lives of others, help the local community, and give you a chance to do something different. For new lawyers, it also provides practical courtroom experience.

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It’s Not All About Charity – Pro Bono Work Is Great Marketing, Too!

Now that you’ve invested thousands of hours (in addition to thousands of dollars) into law school, you possess a skill set that few people can claim. You are unique, and that’s something to be proud of.

While it is a privilege to be where you are, you also have a responsibility to your community. There are many people around you who need legal assistance, but they cannot afford it. Yet they deserve the same access to justice as those who can afford to pay for it.

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Lawyers: Interested in Doing Pro Bono Work? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that lawyers are busy people or that they deserve the money they’re paid — particularly when you think about the student loan debt that so many lawyers have incurred. However, there’s something to be said for a lawyer finding the time to do pro bono work — that is, offering their legal services for a free or substantially reduced rate to those who can’t afford it, whether it’s an individual or nonprofit organization.

What Is Pro Bono Work?

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Please mark your calendar for October 22nd, 2013, “Ethical Governance Day.” This is a day when the entire community and in particular our young people, need your assistance and commitment.

As we all are aware, South Florida seems to be plagued with a government that has left many of our citizens, young and old, with lingering doubts as to the integrity of our elected officials. Ethical Governance Day is a day when high school students across Miami-Dade County will be visited by community leaders who will deliver a message of hope and morality, emphasizing how civic participation at all levels has a positive impact on promoting ethical government.

Hundreds of civic minded volunteers have already signed up to speak to high school students on this very important day. The project is endorsed by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust and the Miami-Dade County School Board and Lawyers to the Rescue.

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6 Reasons You Should Commit to Taking on Pro Bono Cases

The term “pro bono public” is a Latin phrase meaning “for the public good.” Those who’ve recently entered the field of law may have dismissed pro bono work as something cut out for lawyers who’ve got a good nest egg, need the experience, or have a special heart. While these reasons can be part of why any attorney offers his or her services for free or at a reduced rate, there are plenty of other reasons why one should commit to taking on pro bono cases.

In some countries, such as Korea, attorneys are required to spend a certain number of hours on pro bono work each year. Participating in this type of service positively impacts more people than one might realize, including the lawyer involved.

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Tips for Successfully Recruiting Volunteers to Work with Lawyers to the Rescue

Recruiting volunteers, regardless the value of the cause, is a challenge with everyone in modern society so overextended. Lawyers to the Rescue is no exception. It takes strategic and clever campaigns to successfully bring new people ready to work into the organization.

Here are seven tips for successful recruiting.

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Today, two new interns came into our office, Craig Moncreif and Jeremy Dover. They are both attending college at University of Miami. Craig Moncreif is on his 2nd year and Jeremy Dover on his 3rd. They will both be a part of the Lawyers to the Rescue and will be attending some of the events at the Camillus House. Along with them, I am one of the youngest people taking part in Lawyers to the Rescue. I am looking forward to attending the Lawyers to the Rescue events as well, and I am beginning to understand how important it is to give back to the community and take part in charity work. I see first-hand an attorney and staff that is already busy at work and handling all types of legal cases, however, not satisfied solely by monetary gains, they are contributing to society by helping those less fortunate.

I look forward to helping out at charity events and clinics and I feel that not only will I gain priceless experience, but also I will be able to obtain community service hours, which is a huge plus for me as I’m going into high school starting in August. I believe Lawyers to the Rescue is doing great things and this is amazing opportunity not only for me, but also for those that would not have this help otherwise.

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The first day interning for Lawyer’s to the Rescue was, to say the least, an amazing experience. Being 14 years-old and having a summer internship like this? I feel so lucky and I’ve just started. Today, I got to know my boss, Spencer M. Aronfeld, and other co-workers, I felt welcomed and they are all such a great group of people.


Today I attended my first-ever lunch meeting. During today’s meeting, some of the upcoming Lawyer’s to the Rescue events, including the Public Service Academy events were discussed. I am proud to now be a part of the Lawyer’s to the Rescue team, and to see that people around the world are receiving help who would otherwise not receive any. It feels nice knowing that I work for an organization that raises funds for those who need it, volunteers, defends victims, and does so much more around the world to help others. I look forward to people of all walks of life and will write about by experience this summer.

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On Thursday evening, April 18, 2013, Lawyers to the Rescue hosted its second HEART (Homeless Education Advocacy Resource Training) seminar at Camillus House, featuring topics in Family Law. Every other month, Lawyers to the Rescue features free educational seminars given by South Florida attorneys, who volunteer their time in an effort to raise awareness and educate the indigent community about our laws and the legal system.

Previously, Miami Criminal Attorney Scott Kotler held a seminar on Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records. This month, Miami Family Law Attorney Jessica Laleh covered the topic of Simplified Dissolutions of Marriage, and Family Law Attorney Nancy Adkins of Broward County discussed issues pertaining to Parental Responsibility, Time-Sharing and Child Support. The seminar was a huge success, and the attorneys held a question and answer session afterward.


In this photo: Miami Criminal Attorney Scott Kotler held a seminar on Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records
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