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Poverty is a punishment–punishment for a crime that was never committed. If poverty was a constitutional issue, it would violate the eighth amendment. Poverty is not the presence of but the lack of something.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered at a free clinic. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. The standard of living described by many of the people who came sounded like something out of a Third World country–not the United States, and surely not Miami. However, in Miami Dade, a staggering 17% of people live below the poverty line. The majority of these people are either under the age of 18 or above the age of 65. With a weak economy, these numbers will continue to rise if people do not take action. So, as you finish reading this, take a moment to think which group you fall into: those who have more food than appetite, or those with more appetite than food.

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As we welcome 2011 some of us will experience a sense of relief that the year 2010 is over; some of us will be grateful for a new year full of possibilities and a chance to improve our lives. Despite these emotions we all experience at the beginning of a new year, I invite you to revisit and examine your life and ask questions that will determine the kind of life you will lead. Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” As human beings we have the obligation and responsibility to examine our lives and make the necessary changes to make it worthwhile.

In order to examine our lives and determine if we are living a life worthwhile, we should ask ourselves the following questions:

Am I doing something that matters?

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