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My First Summer Internship Working with Lawyers to the Rescue by Amalia M. Padron

The first day interning for Lawyer’s to the Rescue was, to say the least, an amazing experience. Being 14 years-old and having a summer internship like this? I feel so lucky and I’ve just started. Today, I got to know my boss, Spencer M. Aronfeld, and other co-workers, I felt welcomed and they are all such a great group of people.


Today I attended my first-ever lunch meeting. During today’s meeting, some of the upcoming Lawyer’s to the Rescue events, including the Public Service Academy events were discussed. I am proud to now be a part of the Lawyer’s to the Rescue team, and to see that people around the world are receiving help who would otherwise not receive any. It feels nice knowing that I work for an organization that raises funds for those who need it, volunteers, defends victims, and does so much more around the world to help others. I look forward to people of all walks of life and will write about by experience this summer.

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