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As a Miami personal injury and accident attorney, I am often asked if I am proud to do what I do? It is a valid question in light of disgraceful news regarding a few members of the Florida Bar currently imprisoned. Do a quick internet search and you can find stories about a Florida lawyer arrested for trying to kill girlfriend while wielding a sword and naked. A recently admitted lawyer was just charged with selling sex on the internet. Most of South Florida’s lawyers are still feeling the sting over the damage Scott Rothstein and his Ponzi scheme has done to our perception in society.

The not-for-profit organization, Lawyers to the Rescue has decided to do something about lawyers’ reputations. On February 28, 2012, Lawyers to the Rescue will showcase several of South Florida’s Best Lawyers at its First Annual Award for Public Service. These individuals have set the standard for their commitment to justice.

Amongst the honorees is Bennett Brummer, the former Miami-Dade Public Defender who will receive a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his nearly fifty years of service to Miami’s legal community. Current State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, will receive the “Lawyer of the Year Award” for her decades of service to the office of the State Attorney. Miami Dade County Judge, Scott Bernstein, will be honored for his service as the “Jurist of the Year.” John Kozyak will receive the “Humanitarian of the Year.” Jessica Laleh has only been a lawyer for a short time but will be recognized as the Young Lawyer of the Year and Domenick Lazzara a third year St. Thomas University School of Law will be recognized as the “Law Student of the Year.”

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