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I watched this video yesterday on YouTube® that truly touched my heart. Julien Collot is a six-year-old child with Adult AML Leukemia who is suffering from Graft vs. Host Disease–a serious complication as a result of his bone marrow transplant. Julien is a survivor. He has endured Adult Leukemia, two bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy. Most adults would crumble to pieces when faced with what Julien has endured.

This little boy’s words are filled with wisdom of an old soul; the wisdom of a Buddah. In Julien’s own words, “I believe in the Ying and Yang, the balance between good and bad and sweet and sour. It’s all in the heart.” This child embodies the principles of “strength” and “resilience” in face of challenge and adversity.

As a mother of two I thought long and hard about what his parents went through and the fear and worry they lived with on a daily basis. Donation is a great way to help, but what else can we do to help parents and children like Julien and his family? Here are some suggestions:

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