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A divorce is usually a tough moment to go through as a kid and as a parent. As a part when you’ve managed to recover from it you’ll be naturally looking into other people to start a new relationship. Of course when your kid will come to meet your new friend of partner it might remind him of previous emotions.

The way a child will react when presenting him your new partner can be very random. In some cases your child will not accept this new person. He will consider her/him as an intruder who’s entering his habits and his family.

In some cases it can get even worse. For kids who saw one of their parents leave the other one; this new relationship will sound to the child as a new separation. This parent didn’t use to be there much and now this new relations hip will get things even worst. If this parent left once will he do it twice? Following a divorce it’s important that the child has support from both parents. Not doing so can have an impact on his psychology during his teen age.

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